I am quite possibly obsessed and addicted to my Keurig.  It is my prized Christmas gift that has been in constant use since I plugged the bad boy in 4 days ago.  Before that, I didn’t even drink coffee.  In fact, I’m pretty sure caffeine has the complete opposite effect on me..it makes me tired.  But I do love my Keurig.  College was the last time that I actually consumed a regular amount of coffee.  Starbucks runs were necessary before term papers and when studying for finals.  And even though I knew that my white chocolate mocha frappuccino was not actually helping me stay awake or alert while I finished my tasks, I went because everyone else did.  Coffee peer pressure.  I finally wrote off those fraps after I realized how many calories I had been consuming.  Recently, I decided to try chai tea lattes, which are wonderful and lighter in calories.  I drink them in moderation because they take a toll on your wallet and your gut, and I thought that I had found a good balance.  I was wrong.  For some reason, I found myself desperately wanting a Keurig.  It would call my name every time I looked at it in Wal-Mart.  The K-cups would stare me down as I checked out the green teas.  I knew I hadn’t had coffee in years and so did my parents who so kindly gifted this wonderful appliance to me.  And now I’ve found myself caught in a love affair.

I’ve gone from 0 cups a day to 2-3.  I can’t even taste the difference between the assortment of K-cups I have, but I want to try every single one of them!  It’s maddening when I see a kind I haven’t tried.  Dark Magic?  That doesn’t even give me the slightest clue as to what you will taste like, but damn, I want you.  So I have a storage of at least 8 boxes of K-cups above my cabinets, and apparently I’m trying to finish them all by the end of 2011.  When I set up my K-carousel to display all of my varieties, I was anal and obsessive.  I had to make sure that all of my 1 cup only samples were on the bottom level, and they were to be touched by no one except for me.  I didn’t want any type to go untouched by my lips, and I would be devastated and violent if I found out that my roommate or boyfriend had used one without letting me taste.  The next two levels were organized like Noah’s Ark, 2 of each kind.  If you have the carousel you will know that it has 27 cup holders.  If you are OCD you will know that odd numbers are the worst.  Each level has 9 cup holders, which means I’ll have to adjust my “2 of each kind” rule.  Which K-cup was least worth of having a partner?  How would I decide which one should stand alone?  Should it be the strongest, most intriguing one?  Should it be the dud that I feel will be least popular?  Should it be the one in the ugliest packaging?  The one that retails at the cheapest price?  Should I put the lonely cup’s pair on the level below so that at some point they may get rearranged and find themselves together?

The latter was how it ended.  Two Folgers Caramel Drizzles were temporarily separated.  Of course this only helped the problem for a minute because as soon as I was finished arranging the carousel, I decided it was time for a cup of coffee.  Now, some of you are thinking, “oh this girl…what she should have done was gotten a cup from the boxes stored above her cabinets.  Then she wouldn’t have to take one from the carousel and it would stay as close to perfect as she could get it.”  And well, yes you’re right, but I wanted to use the damn carousel.  And so I took one of the caramel drizzles from his home and let the machine penetrate it on both ends.  Dirty mind!  If you are blessed enough to have a Keurig you will know that there are two needles which puncture the bottom and top of the cup.  No dirty thoughts here, please.  So after ruining the order of my carousel, I decided to make a pact with myself that I would refrain from refilling it after each cup I used.  I did a great job for 4 days, but decided with the new year coming around, I would replenish it.  And with the new year coming around, I also felt that it was time to add a little variety, because apparently the 12 different options I had was not enough.  The new flavor that was added to my growing Keurig family is Van Houtte French Vanilla, and it is delicious!  The carousel will end 2011 filled and I hope my Keurig is ready to ring in the new year with me as I continue to pretend that coffee and caffeine help me stay awake.